The city of Fajardo is best known as the East Metropolis, the city was founded in 1760 by the Spanish governor Bravo de Rivera. Its name comes from the name of one of the first settlers who exploited the gold deposits of the Fajardo River. Its area is 272.8 square kilometers and have a population of 36,993.

Area de Dos Marinas y Puerto Real, Fajardo

Dos Marinas & Puerto Real area, Fajardo

In 1722 the city was named Santiago de Fajardo and it wasn’t until 1812 that the first town hall was installed, being its first mayor Don Manuel de Rivera. In 1898 and during the invasion of the United States to Puerto Rico, the navy carried out an attack for fun against Las Cabezas de San Juan and occupied the lighthouse. To avoid low of civilians and by Dr. Veve Calzada initiative, the population decided to surrender. From 1905 until 1977, the main source of economy of this town, was based on the Central Fajardo (Sugar), the harbor and farming.

Costa del Cayo Lobos, Fajardo

Lobos Key Coast, Fajardo

Las Cabezas de San Juan Nature Reserve, was designated a nature reserve for its great ecological value in 1986. It has 583 acres and 1,965.04 maritime area surface. This reserve has a bioluminescent bay, small Thalasias meadows, mangrove thickets, coconut groves, rocky and sandy beaches and coral reefs. The dominant species of the reserve is the grass, but the main part of the dry forest predominates the woody plants and small trees. In addition, this is the only Spanish lighthouse in operation in the whole country.

Balneario Seven Seas, Fajardo, Puerto Rico

Seven Seas Public Beach, Fajardo, Puerto Rico

The Seven Seas public beach, is a beautiful beach with crystal clear, calm waters and soft sand. It is classified as Blue Flag beach for water quality, safety and services offered. It also has camping facilities, trailer homes area, bathrooms, parking, lifeguards, ramp for beach access for persons with disabilities and lifeguards.

Isleta Marina, Fajardo, Puerto Rico

Isleta Marina, Fajardo, Puerto Rico

Las Croabas, is a small neighborhood of Fajardo where you can find abundant seafood restaurants and kiosks. It also has a passive park from where you can appreciate the paradisiacal keys, launch your boat to sea and access various water excursions.

Plaza Pública, Fajardo, Puerto Rico

Public Plaza, Fajardo, Puerto Rico

The Recreational Plaza of the town, is one of the most modern in Puerto Rico. Although it still retains its old charm.

The St. James Cathedral, was founded in 1766 and in 1984 was included in the National Register of Historic Places from National Parks Service of the United States of America. In 2008, Pope Benedict XVI appointed this parish as the official cathedral of the Diocese for the Fajardo – Humacao area.

If you love the sea, nature, adventure and seafood, you can’t miss a visit to this beautiful coastal town.

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